360degreeHealth Network COVID-19 Intervention Project

The extent of the damage that the coronavirus pandemic is causing the world is mind-boggling. Thousands of healthcare workers are however in the frontline working to minimise the effects of the pandemic; several doctors, nurses and other essential health workers have also been infected and lost their lives to the virus. This has shown us that we cannot continue as before: there is no going back. However, despite this massive damage, it offers us an unparalleled opportunity to support others; especially the most vulnerable such as healthcare workers in the frontline..

The present coronavirus pandemic has also proven that our global health system has failed and we cannot go back to the old one. We have to create new approaches, systems and institutions to create a new world based on sustainability for the future.

360degreeHealth Network is an organization that provides affordable to free healthcare services to vulnerable communities.

In 2020; we launched the initiative ”Protecting Front-line Health Workers To Zero COVID-19” to provide healthcare workers with essential resources to tackle the pandemic. Our project will primarily focus on the production and provision of Personal Protective Equipment. Our organization has being supported by One Young World through the COVID-19 Young leaders fund and the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust in the production and distribution of over 8,000 protective face shields, distribution of 20,000 hand gloves, and 10,000 non woven facemasks. The initiative also aims to educate over 500,000 healthcare providers on emergency preparedness, after a survey of 6,000 Nigerian healthcare workers indicated concerns at the lack of equipment and training and has already trained about 10,000 health workers through a train the trainer program with London Professional Training Center.


• Ensuring the safety and protection of frontline Health workers through the provision of PPE’s

• Empowering over 500,000 frontline Health workers through training on emergency preparedness, response, recovery and infection prevention and control. Each cohort of health worker trained are engaged to train others in their respective facilities.

• Community Awareness campaigns to minimize Covid-19 Spread in communities

Engaging the government through advocacy to promote equitable coverage of available COVAX Covid-19 vaccine, especially to at risk groups such as essential workers.

We are presently collaborating with the London Professional Training Center and Nursing, Jobs and Opportunities to provide health workers with training in Infection Prevention and Control and emergency preparedness with the first cohort of health workers already trained to provide similar training to other health workers in their different facilities. See Video of first training below;

We will also be engaging with healthcare workers virtually: We are bringing thousands of health workers together to help them develop skills for social and environmental consciousness for the new world as they fight the global pandemic. The Time is NOW!




For Healthcare workers in Lagos, Nigeria; we are holding live trainings on Infection Prevention and Control in collaboration with the London Professional Training Center; register HERE.


We cannot effectively protect health workers in the frontline if actions are not taken to minimize spread of the virus in communities; part of our work also is to engage local communities, populations in villages and remote areas in different Nigerian States with awareness, the right information/health education and distribute hand sanitizers to prevent infection and transmission of the virus.