Founder- Obinna Victor Eze

Obinna Victor Eze is a registered Nurse, Public health advocate and Author; he engages with other health care providers and volunteers in and outside his organization to solve social and global problems related to the sustainability of our public health care system with an initiative that is aimed at fast tracking the attainment of WHO Sustainable Development Goal 3- ‘’To ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all’’.

Growing up; he lived in a local community that suffered from the financial risk of infectious and chronic diseases due to lack of adequate health care intervention plans in his region; which is why he is dedicated to promoting an initiative that would impact on the health care system of every other underserved community in Nigeria, Africa and ultimately the world.

He is passionate about initiatives that addresses the health needs of poor communities and bridge the gap in health care delivery to underserved populations. He have engaged in active advocacy for effective health care financing through targeted health insurance schemes and subsidy in the Nigerian health care sector to eliminate out of pocket expenditure on health care emergencies and chronic diseases, partnered with donor agencies and civil society groups towards improving health of poor communities, trained health care experts on emergency preparedness, engaged Nigerian government to formulate health plans to sustain our primary health care sector and initiated health programs to improve on accessibility of health care services to remote communities in Nigeria.

Obinna Victor Eze partners with government and other health agencies with a collaborative team effort to drive health care initiatives in local communities through free medical outreaches, reducing the burden of infectious and chronic diseases through awareness campaigns, research programs, early diagnostic testing and counselling services, referral programs to secondary health care services, drug distribution and organising routine vaccination programs.

He also engages with government to formulate more inclusive health policies, build primary health centres and allocate more resources to fund health care budgets. We source for funding from corporate organisations and other social enterprise to invest into our public health system as a civil responsibility aimed at bridging the inequality gap in health care service distribution.

His organization 360degreeHEALTH NETwork trains volunteers and health care providers on emergency preparedness as a means of building internal capacity. They also engage the government through consultations to set favourable health policies and consistently seek for more platforms to recruit more volunteers to pioneer our initiative in different geographical locations.

The overall impact of his initiative has bridged the inequality gap in health care service delivery through free medical outreaches in rural communities; engaging Nigerian government and health agencies to create health initiatives that would benefit vulnerable groups. Local communities in about 8 states out of Nigerian 36 states and a community in northern part of Benin republic has benefited from the impact of our program which includes free medical outreaches through effective collaborations with community organisations and government agencies reaching out to over 50,000 respondents since 2016.

He have also supported and volunteered in several government sponsored health care programs such as implementing on the roll back malaria initiative and immunisation programs against measles and Poliomyelitis in different communities in Nigeria and also with the Nigerian red cross society and rotaract club in disaster management and mitigation.

He became a One Young World Ambassador in 2019 after he was invited as a delegate Speaker to address over 2,000 young global leaders and Corporate Executives of the most important Companies and NGOs from 190 countries during the summit in London in a speech that addressed the impact of his community health work in Nigeria. He is a member of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, a network of changemakers across the commonwealth nations who are working hard to change the world; and also a Mandela Washington Fellow; a flagship program of the U.S Government’s young African leaders initiative for their impact in promoting innovation and positive impact in their communities as young leaders in Africa.

He published a book on amazon in 2017- “Positioned for Leadership” which is presently an amazon best seller and can be purchased globally. Recently; he was nominated to represent Nigeria in the ‘’I Have a Dream’’ book project; an initiative by a Japanese Publisher to create a book that will highlight the work of individuals per country and will be published in Asia and launched in Munich, Germany as a tool to motivate Japanese children and young people globally, to sustain the attainment of the Sustainable development Goals.

He has been featured as a Speaker in the same stage with Meghan (Duchess of Sussex), Richard Branson, J. K. Rowling, Ellie Goulding, Professor Mohammad Yunus, Halima Aden, Bill Browder, Jeff Dodds, Scilla Elworthy, et al and has networked with the former President of Ireland and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights-Mary Robinson on issues affecting global health in Africa.

Nigeria announced cuts to healthcare spending of 40% despite coronavirus cases climbing. Meanwhile, on the ground, Obinna Victor Eze and his organisation 360degreeHEALTH NETwork are working tirelessly to ensure frontline healthcare providers are safe and supported.

He launched the initiative ”Protecting Front-line Health Workers To Zero COVID-19” in March 2020. After an online survey following COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria, 6,000 Nigerian healthcare workers indicated concerns at the lack of equipment and training, the initiative is providing training programs on emergency preparedness and infection prevention and control targeting over 500,000 frontline health workers to help minimize infection rates during the pandemic. The initiative has engaged with donors and assessed funds and partnership from international corporate groups such as One young world,  the Queen’s commonwealth trust,  Sinac Medics, London Professional Training Center, Nursing World Nigeria, Medical World Nigeria and Inspire Nurses Africa with over 8,000 protective face shields, 20,000 hand gloves, 10,000 facemasks, and 5000 hand sanitizers already on distribution to health facilities in different Nigerian states. The Initiative also engages with community members through an awareness campaign to minimize the spread of the virus and prevent overburdening of the health sector with impact that has been featured in Nigerian Television Authority and African Independent Television.

His goal is to provide a healthcare delivery system that ensures over 86 million people living in vulnerable communities in Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan African society gains access to low-cost quality health security by 2030.


My vision to lead a positive impact in the future is focused on providing innovative solutions that would provide health care services to the most vulnerable populations and launching a primary health care delivery system that permeates the wider field of politics, ideas, cultures and social activism expressed through collaborations that will provide the framework for health care innovations.

I envision a world in which health care is made accessible to all, poverty is eradicated and everyone can live healthy lives, regardless of their geographical location or societal statue. I have the faith that with the needed collaborative effort and global commitment to meeting up with the sustainable development – enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals; we can address the social, economic and political determinants of health and improve the health and wellbeing of people everywhere.

My experiences as a health care provider, public health advocate and leader has helped me connect with experts in diverse fields who are interested in formulating sustainable policies to drive the health care systems in Nigeria and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa. As a foundation to my future leadership aspirations; these experiences has equipped me with the skills to collaborate more effectively with world leaders interested in attaining the sustainable development goal 3 as it relates to providing global health care delivery services.

The lessons I have learnt from engaging in active community health projects as indicated in our data as a form of rural proofing indicates that through my initiative; more pregnant women, the elderly, children, low income families, the chronically ill, victims of terrorist attacks, the disabled and others affected by the financial risk of ill health can gain access to equitable and affordable health care services.

I will continuously encourage and train future leaders to continuously engage with the government to support health care intervention plans that would impact on improving the health of populations from diverse cultures.

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