Protecting The Frontline- Zero COVID-19 Project

COVID -19 is a viral infection caused by a coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans. It is a novel (new) coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China. Since its discovery, its geographic distribution continues to evolve with countries in sub-Saharan Africa predicted to experience the most devastating effect if focused intervention plans are not implemented.

” Protect The Frontline To Zero COVID-19” is a project targeted at providing strategic approach to minimizng the spread of the novel corona virus in Nigeria throug 5 key intervention plans;

Awareness Creation– Throug health education about COVID 19 in 53 languages to local communities in Nigeria using the media. We will achieve this by working with 105 healthcare volunteers and public health experts who will be using the media to educate local populations in different languages about the pandemic and prevention modalities.

Training Of Health Care Workers On Emergency Preparedness- The initiative will also focus on the training of about 3,000 health care providers working in the frontline on emergency preparedness and how to use protective wears in the management of infectious diseases in critical care seetings; virtual classes and online courses will be organized through our website and a mobile friendly app called ”Zero Covid-19” will be launched before the end of 2020 to enhance the sustainability of the educational platform to more healthcare workers in the future. The ”Zero Covid-19” mobile app which will be launched before October; 2020 will be a mobile ready app that will continually provide educational services and WHO updates to health care workers and short online courses for health experts working in the frontline. App will be designed for Android google play store and operating systems using the Zoho Creator or Buildfire app platforms.

The initiative partners with 105 health care providers and 403 community volunteers to drive the impact of our work in communities at risk of contracting the virus. Our educational program provides training for health care workers in the frontline on emergency preparedness and management of infectious diseases like Covid-19 and engages community volunteers as agents of change to encourage families and community members to follow simple Center for Disease contol and world health organization’s instructions on personal hygiene and physical isolation.

Manufacture Of Protective Wears For Health workers in the Frontline

We have already distributed 4,500 face masks to health care facilities and vulnerable populations and seek for opportunities to scale up the impact of our work in producing more face masks and other personal protective equipments for health care workers in the frontline managing the pandemic; protective equipments will be distributed to health centers in communities with the worst hit.. We have contacted local manufacturers who are ready to use simple technology to manufacture non wooven face masks for at risk groups.

The WASH Hygiene Services– In coordination with Health Sector, capacities are increased to assure continuity of WASH services and improve Infection Prevention and Control measures in Health care facilities (HCFs) to reduce nosocomial transmission and contamination from health facilities to communities through out patients visiting the hospital for other health conditions, as well as respond to the water and sanitation service demand resulting from increased number of patients. Hygiene promotion activities will be targeting households, collective vulnerable sites and public spaces to shorten the transmission route and reduce the exposure to the disease at home and in communities.

The project will work based on the WHO Eight COVID-19 strategic plan and response pillars:

1. Country-level coordination, planning and monitoring

2. Risk Communication and Community Engagement

3. Surveillance, rapid response teams and case investigation

4. Point of entry

5. National laboratories

6. Infection Prevention and Control

7. Case management

8. Operational support and logistics

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