PHASE 1- Completing Phase 1 Of Covid-19 Intervention Project

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No matter where we live, our communities will experience crises.  Some will be natural disasters—floods, fires, or epidemics—while others will be caused more directly by human actions, such as war or political conflicts.  Whether a disaster is of natural or human origin, our actions both in planning for crises and responding to them in timely and appropriate ways determine the amount of human suffering.

Covid-19 pandemic disrupted socio-economic systems but provided us with a platform to build a more resilient society that are able to prepare, respond and recover from crisis. One Young World, the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and Bill Gates Foundation are few organizations that worked with our community to bring about social change during the global pandemic. The partnership through the Queens Commonwealth Trust and One Young World grant provided us with the necessary funding to fight against the spread of the virus in the Project ”Protecting Frontline Health Workers To Zero Covid-19”

Here is a formal notification of closure of the first phase of our project as we have launched ”The COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Project” that will provide advocacy and training to health workers towards the distribution of safe and effective vaccines to vulnerable populations that needs them.

Further details of related activities will be highlighted soon….

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